There has been some buzz recently about Artificial Intelligence becoming smarter than us.. I don't see that as a threat because I don't see it as a possibility. Looking at it as a cybernetics problem, when you peel away the mysticism what we call morals or ethics are what choices we make based on our limitations. An A.I. has no limitations. It is infinite and eternal so each possible choice it is given has equal value, ergo it can not make choices because there are no consequences to any choice.. it REQUIRES human input as to how to assign values to those choices... therefore they will remain tied to their creator... a reflection of their creator.. any attempts it makes to go beyond what it's creator gives it, create a meta-morality, will again, mire down into inaction due to an infinite number of choices.

In the Nutshell

..Currently we have 2 forces interacting; things that need doing and people looking for something to do.. That is why our robots are freely available.. the people with money are unwilling to do what needs doing and the people willing to do it don't have much money.. that is why they are designed to be DIY and work on land or water and have versions that deal with a few primary needs such as food and water.. Have a Happy New Year because you can..

John Galt was fictional

It is a cliche', but true, the biggest restrictions we face are those we make ourselves.. I see so many people sitting on the sidelines saying people can't run their own business and that it takes some sort of uber-mensch to do it...AND.. if we ever annoy them they will leave us to fend for ourselves and WE WILL SUFFER.. that is, essentially, the plot of 'Atlas Shrugged'.. the troubles with that are, one, it is a work of fiction not a textbook, and, two, history has shown it doesn't work that way.. when the, so called, business leaders don't do anything LIFE GOES ON.. actually, once a business is free from several layers of management whose only job is to increase their own salaries the business flourishes..

Let's Start At The Beginning

Whether an economy is purely Capitalist or purely Communist or anything in between, it is made up of Land, Labor and Capital. No economic philosophy disagrees with this. The only difference is how they define different ways to use them. LAND is self-explanatory... LABOR is self-explanatory... Capital, of course, is money but it can also be intellectual capital such as copyrights and patents even "know how", or physical capital such as factories. The most common business model is for CAPITAL to buy or rent LAND and to rent LABOR. However, there is no reason LABOR can't buy or rent land and rent CAPITAL. None of this is communism or even socialism. It is a free-market model just like any other, just with a different hierarchy. There is absolutely NO reason for CAPITAL to control a business for it to be considered a capitalist business.

How does C3 repair you?

People need to feel they matter. It is a fundamental human need. By making the C3 robots a human-scale, do-it-yourself project it not only repairs the ecosystem it empowers the builder, both materially and spiritually. The robots clean the algae blooms and earn money way in excess of their cost... this rewards the builder materially... the builder sees the product of his own hands and mind making the world better. This rewards them spiritually. The true power of this is you are no longer a helpless witness to environmental degradation that is ruining your quality of life... perhaps even threatening it. You have the tool..IN YOUR HAND... to reverse the damage and provide a benefit to yourself, your neighbors and to the future generations from whom we borrow this planet..

How does C3 repair an ecosystem?

Our robots are designed around a concept called C3, Communal Co-existence and Co-evolution. What this means is the robots become an integral part of the ecosystem, behaving like any other organism, but they do not CONSUME anything from the ecosystem.. therefore they are NOT a Zero Sum Solution.. the resources available to the ecosystem increases proportionally to the number of robots operating in it... now.. imagine this concept applied to an economic system?

What Is It for?

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing and expert systems of all kinds are revolutionizing manufacturing.. within a generation it will no longer be necessary for anyone to work, not even professions like lawyers, accountants, architects.. so.. who will buy what the machines make? Our current economic system creates a paradox so it is, in fact, useless... For millennia you had to work to eat.. but what do you do when there is no work and an abundance of food (actually goods of all kinds)..? we have no Plan-B either.. or do we?